East Hartford Flood Control System

East Hartford Flood Control System (FEMA Flood Accreditation Program)

Kevin Franklin has been the Project Manager for land surveying services over the course of 2 years for the East Hartford Flood Control System. The services for the East Hartford Flood Control System have included construction verifications, as-built mapping, as well as comprehensive ROW surveys depicting boundary, topographic, and utility information for the levees. This project spans approximately 4 miles of earthen berms, soil-bentonite walls, sheet pile cutoff walls, and encompasses a series of street and railroad closure structures. The work for the project includes historical land record research and a ROW boundary determination based upon 1950’s era Army Corps taking plans, intended to allow for an analysis of existing encroachments onto Town property.

Hartford Flood Control System - To Avoid a repeat of the Hartford Flood of 1936
The Hartford Flood of 1936


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