Land Survey for MD Fox Elementary School

Land Survey for MD Fox Elementary School, Hartford, CT

Kevin Franklin was the Project Surveyor for a boundary, topographic, and utility survey of an existing urban school to support site improvements. The record research on this project went considerably beyond a typical review of City Clerk’s records. This effort ultimately involved coordination with multiple City agencies, the MDC, and an exhaustive search for site plans in the Board of Education’s files. The fieldwork was kicked off with a state plane coordinate tie-in, using total stations for ground control as well as GPS. The land survey encompassed approximately 1⁄2 of a city block, and included a “first survey” boundary determination, as only rough sketches were found to depict property line locations.

You can read more about the project history by clicking here.

MD Fox School Before and After Land Survey and Site Improvements

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3 thoughts on “Land Survey for MD Fox Elementary School

  1. It’s amazing how property lines can get confused or forgotten over time. Are there laws about where this information has to be kept? It seem like it would make a topographic and utility survey hard to do if you don’t know what the boundaries are! Thanks for the information. The school looks beautiful!

  2. I’m glad that you were able to get everything worked out despite all of the extra hoops you had to jump through. The school looks great. However, I, like April Cook who commented before me, thought that there were laws about keeping land information. I mean, the school isn’t quite a hundred years old yet.

    • It is true that there are laws that require certain land records to be maintained. But when you are dealing with older land records, the wording in deeds may be such that the records do not provide a retrace-able boundary of the subject parcel. In this case, the only available boundary description was in the form of notes in the City Surveyor’s field books.

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