Water Main Interconnect Project

East Lyme / New London Water Main Interconnect Project

Project Manager for ongoing work in support of the design of an interconnection water main in East Lyme/New London, Connecticut. The services have included the establishment of a linear survey control network, coordinating with an aerial photogrammetrist, and developing comprehensive base mapping. This work initiated with GPS establishment of preliminary elevation data at specified locations as directed by the design team. Subsequently, this progressed to field locations for a series of photo target points and field verifications of aerial mapping provided by the photogrammetrist. The key survey goals are to supplement the aerials with ground locations of wetland flags and utility features, to compile assessor’s parcel data, and to depict all of the above on CAD drawings that will encompass several miles of roadway and terrain.

Water Main Interconnect Project

Land Survey for MD Fox Elementary School

Land Survey for MD Fox Elementary School, Hartford, CT

Kevin Franklin was the Project Surveyor for a boundary, topographic, and utility survey of an existing urban school to support site improvements. The record research on this project went considerably beyond a typical review of City Clerk’s records. This effort ultimately involved coordination with multiple City agencies, the MDC, and an exhaustive search for site plans in the Board of Education’s files. The fieldwork was kicked off with a state plane coordinate tie-in, using total stations for ground control as well as GPS. The land survey encompassed approximately 1⁄2 of a city block, and included a “first survey” boundary determination, as only rough sketches were found to depict property line locations.

You can read more about the project history by clicking here.

MD Fox School Before and After Land Survey and Site Improvements

Boundary and Topographic Survey

Boundary and Topographic Survey for Windham Magnet School, Windham, CT

Kevin Franklin was the Project Surveyor for a Class A-2 boundary and Class T-2 and T-3 topographic survey of approximately 40 acres of undeveloped land. The project included land record research and coordination with local utility services to obtain record data. The field work consisted of re-running an established survey traverse and performing a variety of procedures to verify existing boundary plans and aerial mapping. Additionally, the project involved proposing easements across neighboring properties to provide the school with water and sanitary lines.

Pre - Topographic Survey Rendering of Winham Magnet School

Differential Leveling in Paper Mill Basement

Paper Mill Basement Differential Leveling, Uncasville, CT

Project Surveyor in the field for differential leveling work on the basement level of a working corrugated cardboard manufacturing facility located on the banks of the Thames River. The crew established elevations within the confines of the mill utilizing a nearby CGS benchmark. This work was done in conjunction with a flood insurance plan for the mill’s valuable infrastructure, and was conducted in highly adverse conditions. Large portions of the mill floor were constantly covered in hot paper pulp and the noise from working machinery meant that hand signals were the only effective means of communication. The end result was a series of scribed and marked lines on the concrete columns in the basement.

Middlebury Airport Resurfacing Project

Middlebury Airport Resurfacing, Middlebury, VT

Instrument Person for an existing conditions plan on the runway and adjacent areas of a small airport located in rural Vermont. The project also involved advanced electronic distance measurement functions to establish elevations for trees in the vicinity of flight paths. The topography for the project was provided on based upon a short-interval grid and required the ability
to learn and adhere to post-911 security procedures.

Railroad Survey for Metro-North

Metro-North Railroad Survey for Tie Dapping, Multiple Bridge Crossings

Kevin Franklin was the Instrument Person for detailed topographic railroad survey on approximately 25 railroad bridges between New Haven and Greenwich, Connecticut. This project was initiated with railroad safety training to obtain Metro-North safety certifications. It also involved daily coordination with railroad personnel (flagmen). The project was intended to support design work for dapping of the timbers and included precision locations on bridge features such as ties, rails, stringers, splice plates, and back/wing-walls.

Norwalk Metro-North Railroad Survey

Historical Research for DEP Analysis

Historical Research, Quinebaug River, Eastern Connecticut

Kevin Franklin was the Researcher to support a DEP analysis of ownership rights and riparian interests on and along portions of the Quinebaug River. The historical research involved creating a chain of title back to the days of Owaneco, Sachem of the Mohegans, and involved intensive review of land records and historical documents at town halls, municipal libraries, and the CT State Archives.

Butts Bridge Over Quinebaug River, Canterbury CT, the river analyzed in Kevin Franklin's historical research
Butts Bridge Over Quinebaug River, Canterbury CT