Railroad Survey for Metro-North

Metro-North Railroad Survey for Tie Dapping, Multiple Bridge Crossings

Kevin Franklin was the Instrument Person for detailed topographic railroad survey on approximately 25 railroad bridges between New Haven and Greenwich, Connecticut. This project was initiated with railroad safety training to obtain Metro-North safety certifications. It also involved daily coordination with railroad personnel (flagmen). The project was intended to support design work for dapping of the timbers and included precision locations on bridge features such as ties, rails, stringers, splice plates, and back/wing-walls.

Norwalk Metro-North Railroad Survey

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Historical Research for DEP Analysis

Historical Research, Quinebaug River, Eastern Connecticut

Kevin Franklin was the Researcher to support a DEP analysis of ownership rights and riparian interests on and along portions of the Quinebaug River. The historical research involved creating a chain of title back to the days of Owaneco, Sachem of the Mohegans, and involved intensive review of land records and historical documents at town halls, municipal libraries, and the CT State Archives.

Butts Bridge Over Quinebaug River, Canterbury CT, the river analyzed in Kevin Franklin's historical research
Butts Bridge Over Quinebaug River, Canterbury CT
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