Willimantic Whitewater Surveying

Restored waterfront

The mission of the Willimantic Whitewater Partnership is to recapture the waterfront of the Willimantic River by developing an urban waterfront and whitewater park, increasing safe access to the river for residents, restoring the environment, and celebrating the cultural history of the Willimantic River in Willimantic, Connecticut.”

Franklin Surveys is on board as the project surveyor for the development of the Willimantic Whitewater Park on Bridge Street (Route 32).  This project will ultimately involve the removal of the old mill dam to facilitate a genuine whitewater kayaking experience through downtown Willimantic.  The site is located in heart of historic Willimantic, in the shadow of Town Hall and within walking distance of most local businesses and Eastern Connecticut State University.

The remains of the arched entrance to the distributary which directed river water to the millwheel



Remediation work has recently been completed at the property to mitigate the long-term effects of the former gas station and carwash that occupied the property for many years after the deconstruction of the mill.  GEI Consultants and Red Technologies were the firms responsible for this phase of the project.

The pictures below are of some of the control measures which have been installed to prevent erosion of the recently moved soils.  In some places, engineered matting and hay bales have been placed to further stabilize the ground surface.

Strategic Boulder Placement

Landscaped earthen berm







The southeast corner of the old mill
A view of the breached dam along the remaining portion of the stone block river wall
We are beyond excited to be on board for this fantastic project!
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